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Should you buy Bitcoin?

Glenn Beck
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Glenn Beck and the guys talked about Bitcoin, authoritarian governments and dystopian futures on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

People are investing in Bitcoin, but we have no idea what the future will look like or what the virtual currency will do. Stu Burguiere noted that Bitcoin has been pointed to as an option if a country’s economy collapses.

“This is one of those things where you’re gonna look like a genius or a dummy,” Glenn said of investing in Bitcoin. Right now, the virtual currency is more expensive than gold, which “doesn’t make sense,” Glenn asserted. He explained that artificial barriers in the market keep the price of gold lower because people use it as a signal. The market could panic if the price of gold spikes.

Bitcoin is unique because unlike gold, silver or other hard currencies, it doesn’t need to be transported; people just need to be able to access it digitally, Glenn explained. The problem is that if you had real global authoritarianism, the world would shift and you may have no way to access Bitcoin stashed away.

But is there any real way to prepare for the possibility of a totalitarian government? “At that point, you’re beyond what you prepared for,” Stu noted.

How do you prepare for a dystopian future? “There’s no scenarios for ‘Blade Runner,’” Glenn said, referencing the 1982 futuristic thriller.

“Considering there’s a sequel coming out very soon, then I would say yes,” Stu countered. “The sequel to the documentary: ‘Blade Runner 2049.’”

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