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Slippery slope: the return to polygamy has begun here

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Husband and wife Benno and Cristina Kaiser are getting divorced after 12 years of marriage so one of them can marry the polygamous couple’s live-in girlfriend, Sierra Kuntz.

The Kaisers have three children, and the marriage will make Kuntz one of the kids’ legal guardians. They have said that their upcoming divorce and act of marrying Kuntz will show her that Benno and Cristina are both committed to being in a relationship with her. The couple haven’t yet decided who will legally tie the knot with Kuntz.

The guys of “Pat & Stu” reacted to the news this week. “That won’t be over next week or next month,” Pat Gray said with sarcasm. “You know it. That’s a forever love between the three of them.”

On a political note, Stu Burguiere wondered if these unusual cases will eventually influence the breakdown of a two-partner marriage, with “marriage” signifying a commitment between multiple people.

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