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State Rep calls ICE to deal with protesters -- and then things on the House floor heat up

Glenn Beck
Drew Anthony Smith / Stringer

A GOP state representative in Texas has claimed that he was physically and verbally assaulted on the floor of the House after he told two Democrat representatives that he had reported illegal immigrant protesters to authorities.

Demonstrators holding signs saying “I am illegal and here to stay” were protesting Texas SB 4, which is the latest bill in Texas fighting “sanctuary cities,” cities and counties that shield illegal immigrants regardless of whether or not they’ve committed a crime. GOP representative Matt Rinaldi of Dallas County reportedly said, "F**k them, I called ICE," saying the demonstrators were a "disgrace."

Doc Thompson, Brad Staggs and Brandon Morse discussed the fracas in Texas on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“If you’re on American soil illegally, you’re not an American,” Doc said definitively. “You have no right to protest American laws.”

Sanctuary cities sometimes even harbor felons who have been deported multiple times, defying the authority of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “The argument is ‘We don’t like the law, so the law should not be enforced,’” Doc explained.

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