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Stu thinks he’s a millennial

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Does Stu Burguiere count as a millennial with a 1976 birthdate? The guys of “Pat & Stu” debated some important millennial-related questions. Stu explained a trend emerging among millennials that might be positive: not spending money on diamonds.

“The idea that diamonds should be something that we spend two months’ salary on is actually not a law or even a recommendation of any sort; it’s just a marketing ploy,” Stu said. He approved of the trend not to buy diamonds and thought it could be taken further, noting, “to me obviously, all jewelry is stupid. I’m not a fan.”

The irony of the diamond engagement ring is that the value only really matters if the couple gets divorced, Stu asserted, “And in that case, I hope it’s worth nothing!”

“That might be wrong,” Jeffy Fisher pointed out. “If we find out that the ring you purchased for her is a cheap knockoff, you’re gonna have to make up the difference, bro.”

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