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‘Survivor’ contestant lost real-life job for outing transgender competitor

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A “Survivor” contestant was fired from his real estate job after he outed a fellow competitor on the reality TV series. On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck talked about the incident and asked if transgender people are now at the top of the “minority food chain.”

Pat Gray asked, “Which special-interest group wins in this particular battle?”

Jeff Varner, a contestant on “Survivor: Game Changers,” has been weathering a backlash after he outed a fellow castaway as transgender.

“One, I don’t think you out people,” Glenn said. “That’s just not cool.”

The irony was that Varner is gay. If you’re gay, “you should know how outing is wrong,” Glenn said. “Would you like it if someone came over and told your parents, ‘By the way, your son is gay’?”

The guys also discussed transgender issues, including the bathroom controversy.

“I don’t think society has a problem with a transgender [person who’s had the surgery],” Glenn said. “America has a problem with perverts who are using that as an excuse to get in [to opposite sex bathrooms].”

“Now you’ve given the 'out' to the heterosexual pervert,” Pat said. “If some perv wants to go into the bathroom and ogle women or girls, now they can say, ‘Well, I was identifying as a woman.’”

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