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Syrian rebel group claims Israel is funding them


On today's edition of ZION news:

-Rebel groups on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights are now claiming that they've received funds and training from the Jewish state. Reportedly, 'Fursan-Al-Joulan', is receiving around $5000 per month in funds from Israel.

-Iran reportedly recently shot four to six missiles into a city in eastern Syria. This marks the first ballistic missile launch by Islamic Republic since the 1980s.

-At the 'al Quds Day' protest in London, protesters waved Hezbollah flags and blamed 'Zionists' for the Greenfell tower fire. Pro-Israel activists confronted the al Quds marchers, waving Israeli flags and shouting 'terrorists off our streets'.

-Philippe Assouline, expert in political communication and international relations spoke at ILTV studios to discuss anti-Israel bias within the international media.

-Despite difficulties over power cuts to the Gaza Strip, the Deputy Chief of Hamas has told reporters that there is no interest on either side for a war with Israel at this time.

-Ethiopian-Israeli man, Abera Mengistu, who crossed the border fence into the Hamas ruled Gaza Strip in 2014 is still trapped in Gaza. The Israeli Defense Force has given the footage of his crossing to his family.

-A woman in Australia is again calling for Israel to extradite her former school principal, who is facing some 74 charges of child molestation in Australia.

-Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt are set to return to the Middle East this week on orders from United States President Donald Trump to further discuss steps toward peace between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

-The Kraft family stadium in Jerusalem hosted 18 legendary NFL hall-of-fame-players for a very festive ceremony. Jerome Bettis says his visit to Jerusalem has ‘changed his life’.

-Israeli tennis player Dudi Sela, the 98th ranked player in the world, won the ATP Aegon challenger at the Nottingham Open.

-Yitzchak Freeman, blacksmith artist and Miriam Mass, mixed media artist spoke at ILTV studio about how they're showcasing the pomegranate's importance in Israel.

-A Tel Aviv University study finds that the Dead Sea is showing that 11,500 years ago, natural vegetation was replaced by crops, animals were domesticated, and deforestation provided more area for grazing from Neolithic human agricultural activity.

-An Israeli startup Vayyar has developed sensors that it says can see through materials, objects, and liquids to generate 3-D images. This innovation could be cheaper than M.R.I.’s or ultrasounds for cancer screenings.

The Hebrew word of the day is RIMON, written רימון which means "pomegranate."

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