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Ted Cruz weighs in on North Korea's July 4 missile test

Chris Salcedo
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“North Korea is the most unstable place on earth,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in response to their successful firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile while the United States celebrated Independence Day.  North Korea already had the capacity to attack their neighbors, but an ICBM would allow them to attack the U.S. with a nuclear weapon.

The senator told Chris Salcedo on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show” that Austin, Texas, was on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s list of targets, rendering this test of particular concern to his constituents.

He also said the Clinton administration led the world in relaxing sanctions against North Korea in return for promises to cease their nuclear weapon development efforts. He noted that Wendy Sherman, who accompanied then-Secretary of State Madeline Albright during that deal, was also involved in the Iran nuclear deal. Both nations have nuclear programs despite these agreements.

He hopes that President Donald Trump will move the installation of the Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense missile interception system (THAAD) forward. He also said there are “promising signs” that China may help reign in their neighbor North Korea. Cruz said that when it comes to China, we should take the advice of former president Ronald Reagan and “trust, but verify.”

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