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The dance floor from Saturday Night Fever is up for sale -- proceeds will go to fund this

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Iconic 1970s classic movie "Saturday Night Fever" shaped a generation and left an indelible impression on American -- perhaps world -- culture. Mike Opelka's old friend Vito Bruno is auctioning off the infamous dance floor from the film in order to raise money for his first foray into politics. He talked about his campaign and the floor's history on today's "Pure Opelka."

Bruno hopes to be Brooklyn Burrough President. Brooklyn, though technically a part of New York City, has 2.6 million people of its own. He said there's probably more than a million "undocumented" people living there, too, making it one of the most populous areas in America.

Bruno is seeking endorsements from several parties, attempting to obtain thousands of signatures to get on the ballot. He's been talking to some people about forming yet another party made of the best people from the far left and the far right in the hope that everyone can get along.

Before he began to entertain political aspirations, Bruno was a night club guy. He started at Odyssey, the very club where "Saturday Night Live" was filmed. He spent a year restoring the nightclub to its movie appearance for the November 1, 1997, anniversary party for the film.

He installed that memorable floor for the evening, saying that the best compliment he got that night was, “They didn’t do one thing to this club in 20 years.”

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