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The latest from Israel: Argentina opens Holocaust vault To Israel


Here are the latest headlines from ZION News:

Argentina Opens Holocaust Vault To Israel

The President of Argentina has just hand-delivered Israel a treasure trove of unseen Holocaust documents, detailing Argentina’s role in aiding Nazis after World War Two.

Orthodox Jews Can No Longer Avoid The Draft

Rabbi Dov Halbertal, former head of the office of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Inbar Oren, Deputy Director General for ‘Be Free Israel’ movement speaking at ILTV studio to discuss the legislation that the high court has just ruled that the current arrangement allowing massive military draft exemptions for the ultra-Orthodox in Israel is both unconstitutional and discriminatory.

North Korea Fires Back After Sanctions

North Korea is promising horrifying consequences for the United States after being served some of the harshest sanctions in the history of the United Nations.

Saudi Prince Rumored To Have Visited Israel

Rumors are swirling that a historic secret meeting has just gone down in Israel between the Israeli government and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.


Jewish ‘Dreamers’ Get Lost Between The Cracks

After US President Trump gave a six months' notice to end ‘DACA’, Jewish immigrants to U.S. now face the threat of deportation.


7,200-Year-Old Silo Model Found In Israel

Archeologists have discovered a clay model of a food silo dating back over seven thousand years in the Jordan Valley. Discovery is the oldest evidence of ancient food storage systems.


Join The Artist Communities Of Israel

Sarah Raz, artist and chairperson of the Petah Tikva Artists’ Association, will be speaking at ILTV studio about the Petah Tikva artists’ association.


Israeli Wedding Vows Go Viral

Viral video of Israeli wedding vows.


Hebrew word Of The Day: CHUPA | חופה = CHUPA

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "chupa" which means "chupa"


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