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The latest from Israel: Did you know bats have different accents?
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A grey-headed Flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus), a native Australian bat, stretches its leathery wings as it flies high over Sydney's Botanical Gardens, 17 August 2005. The bats settled in the gardens many years ago as much of their natural habitat along the coast of New South Wales has been cleared for timber, agriculture and urban development. At night the bats feed on the fruits of many native plants and provide an important function as they are one of the few species that pollinate flowers and disperse the seeds. AFP PHOTO/Greg WOOD (Photo credit should read GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

The latest from Israel: Did you know bats have different accents?

Here are stories making headlines in Israel:

8 Dead In NYC Terror Attack

A devastating terror attack in New York has just claimed at least eight lives, including one Jewish man, and left nearly a dozen others injured. The suspect has been identified as an Uzbeki national living in the U.S. since 2010.

Hamas Officially Turns Over Gaza Crossings To P.A.

Hamas has now officially turned over control of all Gaza border crossings to the Palestinian Authority, making this the first time in over ten years that the P.A. has had any official control in the Gaza Strip.

U.N. Proposes $18M Aid Plan For Palestinians

The UN has just announced a plan to put eighteen million dollars of financial aid in the hands of the Palestinians. According to the U.N., the grant is specifically intended to help the Palestinians pursue legal action against Israel and hold “Israel accountable for its violations.”

Are You Prepared Against Electronic Attacks?

Eyal Aharoni, COO of Cymulate speaking at ILTV studio about how organizations and governments use the web for cyber warfare.

Israel To Mark 22 Years Since Murder Of Rabin

This weekend will mark twenty-two years since Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. Israelis everywhere are set to commemorate that day with ceremonies all over the country.

Anti-Semitic Anne Frank Images Appear In Germany

A German railway operator is now coming under fire for naming its new express train “Anne Frank”. The railway’s naming committee is saying they picked the name to symbolize co-existence.

Israeli Team Helps Crack Cancer Breakthrough

Researchers from Hebrew University and M.I.T. have developed a special protein designed to target and attack cancer cells organically in the body.

Help At-Risk Youth Across Israel

Assaf Weiss, CEO & Founder of Maagalim speaking at ILTV studio about a non-profit "Maagalim" that works with 11th and 12th graders in Israel to make sure they don’t fall between the cracks of society.

Did You Know Bats Have Different Accents?

An Israeli study just discovered rare regional dialects in Egyptian fruit bats, something we’d thought only existed in humans and a few mammals.

Amazing Wooden Sculptures ‘Wow’ Crowds

Shalom Kelner, architect and sculptor speaking at ILTV studio to talk about his work. He is aptly referred to as the "architect of wood carving."

Shabbat Project Reaches 97 Countries

ILTV's Emanuelle Kadosh bringing the scoop on the fifth annual Shabbat project in which more than 1 million people took part.

Hebrew word Of The Day: ATALEF | עטלף = BAT

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "atalef" which means "bat"

 The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy with local rains along the coast and in the north. The low will be sixty-three or seventeen degrees Celsius. Tomorrow is expected to be partly cloudy as well will a high of seventy-four or twenty-three degrees Celsius.

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