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The latest from Israel: Millions say 'We remember' the Holocaust

A child looks at the flowers that are placed at the Auschwitz monument in the Wertheimpark in Amsterdam, on January 29, 2017, during International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah). / AFP / ANP / Jerry Lampen / Netherlands OUT (Photo credit should read JERRY LAMPEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Here are stories making headlines in Israel:

Netanyahu joins world economic forum

Prime Minister Netanyahu has just arrived in Switzerland to attend the four-day world economic forum which aims to advance international cooperation between nations.

Int’l groups beg the U.S. to resume Palestinian aid

Some of the top N.G.O.’s and aid groups in the world have come together urging the United States to reverse its budget cuts to the Palestinians. The Trump Administration has already dropped over half of its funding to the U.N.’s agency for Palestinian refugees.

"The two-state solution is dead"

Ari Fuld, Assistant Director Of Standing Together, Israel Advocate, and Uri Zaki, President of the Meretz Governing Assembly spoke at ILTV Studio about the new public opinion poll that shows an all-time low in preference to "two states for two peoples."

Palestinian and Israeli EMTs put politics aside

In Hebron, Palestinians and Israelis are coming together in the name of saving lives. M.A.D.A. and Red Crescent workers show how to unite for a common good.

U.S. envoy warns Israel against deporting Africans

The government’s controversial plan to either deport or jail nearly forty-thousand Asylum Seekers from Africa beginning in April is quickly escalating into a global debate.

Oops! Recalculating...

The Israeli-made application Waze is a breathing map of the road, but that doesn’t mean you can take your eyes off the road. That’s the lesson one Waze user in the U.S. learned when he was following the app so blindly that he accidentally drove his car right into a lake!

Millions say “we remember” the Holocaust

Gabriel Rosenberg, Coordinator Of The WJC, Jewish Diplomatic Corps speaking at ILTV Studio about the W.J.C. campaign that reaches millions ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Israel among top 10 most innovative nations

We all know Israeli innovation is considered one of the best in the world. Bloomberg has just ranked the fifty top innovative countries for their 2018 "Innovation Index" and Israel has snagged a spot in the top ten.

“Good Riddance” to cleaning toilets!

Israeli innovation might have finally just come up with a solution to toilet cleaning. Israeli-made Toibot said to be world’s first robotic toilet-cleaner.

Top 5 reasons Israel can’t handle the winter

What Israelis do when faced with the crazy weather the Jewish state endures. Here’s a look at the top five times Israelis have been in absolute shock over winter happening to their country, yet again.

Hebrew word Of The Day: MELUCHLACH | מְלוּכלָך = DIRTYLearn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Meluchlach" which means "Dirty"

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