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The latest from Israel: Multiple rockets fired from Gaza into Israeli territory

(SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)

Multiple rockets fired from Gaza

Fresh rocket attacks from Gaza have just been launched into Israeli territory, two rockets exploded inside the strip, one exploded in an open field, and one actually struck a house in an Israeli community.


U.N. to vote on annulling Trump’s Jerusalem speech

Less than forty-eight hours after the issue was officially submitted, the United Nations Security Council is now set to vote on a new resolution, which would officially and legally reject the declaration made by President Trump.


Palestinian arrested with 2 bombs & a knife

A Palestinian man has just been arrested entering an I.D.F. courthouse in the West Bank, with a bomb strapped to his body.


Gov’t allocates 7% of public jobs for Haredim

The Israeli cabinet has just approved a massive new project to help integrate the country’s  ultra-orthodox population into Israeli society.


New care for congestive heart failure patients

Nitai Hanani, Co-Founder & CEO of Paragate speaking at ILTV Studio about the company that has a revolutionary new treatment for people that face fluid overload worldwide.


Women who fought ‘Modesty’ being threatened

After winning 5-year court fight to remove signs, women face new harassment.


Iranian man confesses to spying on T.V.

An Iranian man was sentenced to death earlier this year, after he was suspected of leaking intel to Israel’s Mossad spy agency.


High hotel prices are hurting Israeli visitation

Avi Dor, CEO of Prima Hotels speaking at ILTV Studio about how the tourism is booming in Israe, and how high hotel prices may be impacting tourism growth in the wrong way.


Civilian Tech helps pioneer army of the future

I.D.F. is adapting A.I., V.R. Gear & more from private sector for Military uses, the army is looking for ideas wherever they can be found.


4 Israeli Startups that’ll ‘Boom’ in 2018

The largest business news site on the web has just put together its list of the top fifty startups that are expected to dominate the tech world in 2018.


“Don’t forget me” takes Turin film fest by storm

Nitai Gvirtz , Screenwriter & Lead Actor of “Don’t Forget Me” speaking at ILTV Studio about the film that has gotten the biggest awards in Italy, winning best film, best actor, & best actress categories.


Israeli film makes Oscar shortlist

Israel might be on track for its eleventh Oscar nomination in the best foreign film category this year’s entry, ‘Foxtrot’, has just made the academy’s shortlist.


Seinfeld’s career started in the Holy Land The celebrity comedian, actor and writer Jerry Seinfeld got into the field of comedy on his trip to the Holy Land.


Hebrew word Of The Day: TZANUA | צָנוּעַ = MODEST

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Tzanua" which means "Modest."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight and tomorrow should both be partly cloud, with very little change in temperatures, the low tonight will be about fifty-seven, or fourteen degrees Celsius, and you can expect the high tomorrow to be around seventy-six, or twenty-four degrees Celsius.

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