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The latest from Israel: Netanyahu begins historic tour in Argentina


Here are the latest headlines from ZION News:

Netanyahu Begins Historic Tour In Argentina

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has just touched down in Argentina, beginning a historic ten-day tour of Latin America. Tens of thousands of Holocaust-era documents to be transferred to Israel.


What Diaspora Jewry Feels With Netanyahu’s Visit

Rabbi Yossi Turk, the Jewish Community in Cordoba speaking via phone at ILTV studio to discuss Netanyahu's visit to Argentina.


Hezbollah Assures Israel: No War On The Horizon

One of Hezbollah’s top commanders has just appeared on a T.V. interview for Arab Media saying that Israel’s alleged destruction of the chemical weapons plant was not reason enough for them to go to war.


U.N. Greenlights Fresh North Korea Sanctions

The United Nations has unanimously approved new limits designed to weaken North Korea following intense talks between the U.S. and China, who have convinced the rest of the U.N. to make severe international cuts against North Korea.


Boycotts Succeed, Israel-Africa Summit Cancelled

The first-ever Israel-Africa summit next month was canceled because of boycotts against African countries by Palestinians and Arab nations alike.


Why Is Israel Helping To Fund The BDS Movement?

MK Oded Forer, Yisrael Beiteinu Party speaking at ILTV about preventing any support of BDS movement.


Hamas Says They’re Ready To Reconcile With P.A.

Hamas has announced that they’re ready to begin reconciliation talks with the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah party.


Getting Ready For The Jewish High Holidays

Rafi Friedman, CEO of Hazorfim speaking at ILTV studio about Hazorfim company, the world's largest silverware manufacturer.


Lebanese Director Jailed After Filming In Israel

Lebanese director arrested for filming part of his film in Israel, thus breaking Lebanese law for cooperating with Israel.


Thousands Come To Romania To March Against Hate

Thousands of people from organizations like Limmud FSU, March of the Living, the Claims Conference, the Romanian Jewish Community and more marched the streets of Romania against hate with the banner "anti-Semitism led to Auschwitz". The demonstrations also marked the first anniversary since the death of the Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel.


Arabs, Jews Scream Together For Ice Cream

“Buza” the gourmet ice cream chain co-founded by a Jewish and an Arab dessert chef won a peace prize from the United Nations.


Hebrew word Of The Day: ONESH | עונש = PUNISHMENT

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "onesh" which means "punishment"


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