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The latest from Israel: 'No imminent plans' for peace from the White House

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White House Says “No Imminent Plans” For Peace

A White House official has said there are “no imminent plans” to put a Middle East peace deal on the table. Sources within the White House say the administration is putting together a plan on the good faith that the Palestinians are genuinely seeking peace.


Qatar Sends Envoy To The Gaza Strip

Qatar, one of Hamas’ biggest supporters and funders, has just sent an envoy to the Gaza Strip to weigh in on the negotiations.


Haredi Anti-Draft Arrests Spark Controversy

The ultra-Orthodox protests against Israel’s draft exemption laws have been ramping up. Haredim communities all over the country organized a “day of rage” to protest the arrest of two ultra-Orthodox youths when they failed to report to the I.D.F.’s draft offices.


Israel Accused Of Selling Arms To Myanmar

Israel is being accused of selling advanced weapons to Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia that’s been condemned by the U.N. for slaughtering its Muslim minority. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied the authorization of such sales.


Israeli Teen Model Arrested For Assault

Nineteen year-old Israeli model Elia Kadosh was arrested earlier this month for coordinating attacks on security guards in Israel’s Ichilov hospital and now she’s just been arrested again, for breaking her parole, and assaulting an officer at another hospital.


Yad Vashem Names New ‘Righteous Among Nations’

Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial center is about to honor two new ‘righteous gentiles’ non-Jews who saved Jewish lives from the Nazis during World War Two.


Israeli Start-Up To Save The World From Cow Farts

The Israeli company Equinom has found a way to save the world from cow farts that contain dangerous methane which are considered one of the main causes of global warming. EQUINOM develops super legumes with 50% more protein than the originals.


The Future Of Autonomous Artificial Intelligence

Igal Raichelgauz, CEO and founder of Cortica speaking at ILTV studio about the advanced technologies by Cortica that pave the way for A.I. revolution.


Family Finds Looted Labyrinth In The Backyard

A family in the Galilean village of Eilabun discovered in their backyard an elaborate system of underground caves that date back to the Roman period.


A Look At The Jewish Ghetto Of Venice

Sarah L. Singer, artist speaking at ILTV studio about the photography exhibition that shows a unique look into the history of the Jewish people of Venice.


Did You Remember To Call Grandma?

A new app has just been released in Israel that reminds the users to call their grandma.


Hebrew word Of The Day: SAVTA | סבתה = GRANDMOTHER

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "safta" which means "grandmother"


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