The latest from Israel: Palestinians cancel meeting with VP Pence

Israeli man stabbed in Jerusalem attack

An Israeli security guard has been stabbed outside the city’s central bus station by a Palestinian from the West Bank.


Violence & Protests erupt in Palestine

Palestinian outrage has erupted in the wake of president trump’s bombshell recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and his plan to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.


Israel finds; destroys new Terror tunnel

The Israeli army has just destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel extending from Gaza deep into Israeli territory, I.D.F. Officials believe this was an especially substantial project for the Terror group.


Israel braces for Palestinian unrest

In light of the intense violence and unrest since Trump’s announcement, Israel has deployed fresh Troops in an effort to calm the situation.


Palestinians cancel meeting with V.P. Pence

Arab Foreign Ministers collectively reject Trump’s Jerusalem announcement.


Netanyahu departs for Europe trip

Netanyahu has just flown to meet with the President of France before meeting with a Delegation of European Foreign Ministers to address the current state of Israeli-Palestinian affairs.


New Israeli product can help the Blind ‘see’

Izidor Gershkovich, Co-Founder & CEO of We Go Vision speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli Start-Up that has developed a revolutionary new product to help blind people navigate our world.


Israel sets up maternity hospital in Syria

We’ve just learned that the army has actually gone deep into Syrian territory, to set up a lifesaving Maternity Clinic.


Major art magazines published in Israel

Dafna Navarro, CEO & Chief Editor – Art Market Magazine & Lens Magazine speaking at ILTV Studio about how ‘Art Market Magazine’ & ‘Lens Magazine’ spread the word on world creativity.


“Robo-Rooster” is here to save lives

An Israeli startup is taking things up a notch in a way that may save countless lives, they’ve just hatched their very own Robotic Rooster, which can both walk and fly.


Cable car tours set to go over the Old City walls

Jerusalem proposes a new way, by cable car tours, for tourists to see the Capital.


Moran Choir receives International appraise

Naomi Faran, Musical Director & Conductor of Moran Choirs and Yotam Rotem, singer in Moran Choirs speaking at ILTV Studio about 30 years of connecting musical excellence with community outreach.


Hebrew word Of The Day: GODEL | גודל = SIZE
Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is “Godel” which means “Size.”


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be clear with rise in temperatures to a low of about fifty-two or eleven degrees Celsius. Tomorrow you can expect the skies to be a bit cloudier, but the temperatures to rise again to a high of nearly seventy-five, or twenty-four degrees Celsius.


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