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The latest news from Israel: Saudi government orders all Saudi citizens out of Lebanon immediately

(Photo credit ANWAR AMRO/AFP/Getty Images)

Iranian Military Base Confirmed In Syria

A new Iranian military base has just been confirmed in Syria, roughly forty miles from Israel’s northern border and I.D.F. missiles just shot down an unmanned Syrian drone that attempted to breach Israeli airspace.


Tensions Between Lebanon, Saudi Arabia Escalating

About a week after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned, accusing Hezbollah and Iran of seizing control of his parliament, the Saudi government is suddenly ordering all Saudi citizens to get out of Lebanon immediately.


Protect Your Network

Eyal Gruner, Co-Founder & CEO of Cynet speaking at ILTV studio about Cynet that offers multi-level all-in-one cyber security.


Israel Posts Video Warning To Islamic Jihad

The Israeli army has just posted a video to social media directly addressing the Palestinian Islamic jihad in Gaza, warning them not to launch an attack against the state of Israel.


Divorce Law Draws Tough Line In Israeli Society

A rabbinical court required an Israeli woman to drop rape charges against her husband, in exchange for allowing her to divorce him.


Red Cross To Fund Palestinian Prisoner Visits

The Red Cross has signed a deal with the Palestinian Authority to help cover costs for families visiting Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.


Going Above And Beyond Community Obligations

Eytan Kramer speaks at ILTV studio about using his bar mitzvah money to help save a village in Africa.


Natalie Portman Awarded 2018 ‘Jewish Nobel’

Actress and filmmaker Natalie Portman has just been awarded the 2018 Genesis Prize, an honor called the “Jewish Nobel” by time magazine.


Enable Your Machines To Talk Back

Asaf Eldad, Vice President of Business Development at 3DSignals speaking at ILTV studio about 3DSignals that enhances mic technology, listens to and diagnoses mechanical issues.


It’s Never Too Late To Say “I Do” Again

The city of Holon here in Israel has given eighteen couples made of holocaust survivors a massive wedding renewal ceremony.


Gal Gadot Takes A Stand On Sexual Harassment

Israeli actress Gal Gadot has just refused to sign on to star in "Wonder Woman 2" unless Warner Brothers cuts all ties with one of the film's producers who have been accused multiple times of sexual assault.


Hebrew word Of The Day: L’CHADESH | לחדש  = TO RENEW

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "l'chadesh" which means "to renew"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy with a rise in temperature and a low of seventy-two or twenty-two degrees Celsius. You can expect an additional rise in temperatures tomorrow with a high of eighty-four or twenty-nine degrees Celsius.


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