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The North Korean threat could be ended tomorrow -- here's how

Chris Salcedo
STR/AFP/Getty Images

North Korea has walked back its threat to harm Guam, though they claim to still be ready to strike -- depending on what the United States does next. But China, which controls 90 percent of all trade with its neighbor, could end the conflict tomorrow, said Herb London on today's "Chris Salcedo Show."

London, who is president of the London Center for Policy and Research, said if China decided tomorrow that they wanted to stop trade, "I can assure you that’s the end of North Korea. How can you fire missiles without electricity?”

He told Chris Salcedo that the U.S. needs to convince China that the advantage their alliance with North Korea bestows upon them is less significant than the disadvantages American could place on them.

He cited the U.S. alliance with Japan and the possibility of lifting the nuclear ban on that ally, as well as pressing a financial advantage with dollars in Asian banks. He believes President Donald Trump needs to press the Chinese to understand that "we cannot tolerate the existing situation."

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