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There's no silver lining': Events in Charlottesville compared to movie 'Detroit

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The film "Detroit" may be too representative of some of the racial tension Americans experience today. Lawrence Jones and his friend Alexander saw the movie this weekend, which he described as "an extremely important story for people know," but that most people won't be able to handle it.

They described the difference between the popularity of "Get Out" --also racially tense-- versus the box office malaise of "Detroit," which Lawrence Jones attributed to "Get Out's" "glimpse of light" (disclosure of which constitutes a spoiler).

"Detroit" has no such light, and just left the two friends feeling empty upon leaving the cinema. Lawrence did not expect it to have a happy ending, as it depicts an incident that was only 50 years ago: the killing of three unarmed black teens at the Algiers Hotel by white police officers.

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