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These ladies are bringing comfort to children in Houston -- here's how you can help

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When escaping from a flooding house in the dead of night, there are lot of things most people forget. Survival is the only concern of a mind in flight. But what happens when we arrive at a shelter, grateful that our family’s life was spared, but without basic supplies or comforts of home?

Enter the Pajama Program. Genevieve Piturro has been collecting and distributing a pair of pajamas and book to mostly foster children for the past 16 years. But in the wake of Harvey’s devastation in East Texas, she is now asking for additional donations for kids in Houston and the surrounding areas.

She told Mike Opelka on Tuesday’s “Pure Opelka” that people who wish to donate pajamas can contact Sue Malone at their Austin, Texas, office for more information. Piturro knows it’s a “small niche,” but “if anyone wants to join us, we would love more pajamas to go down to these kids.”

Mike agreed, as many of these children are going through “a complete life change” in losing the only home they’ve known all their lives, along with everything they’ve ever called their own.

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