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This country's legislature voted for cap and trade style regulations -- then this happened

PashaIgnatov / Getty Images

The British Parliament voted 463 - 3 to adopt Cap and Trade style legislation in October 2008, so they were alarmed when President Donald Trump opted America out of the Paris Climate accord.

However, vulnerable people in the United Kingdom have been dying of hypothermia, with headlines such as, "Why did social services allow these pensioners to die?" Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute explained that this was a direct result of political policy on this weekend's "Jacki Daily Show."

Jacki Daily said she would love to have been there when Horner briefed the House of Lords on the exit from the Paris Climate Accord. He said they seemed most interested in how the United States extracted themselves without an organized lobby, which he attributed to new media breaking through the monopoly on the climate message -- and a president determined to keep at least this promise.

Horner also told Jacki about instances where American climate change alarmists tried to use the courts to cut through the legislative process in order to get Paris Accord recommendations made into law.

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