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This dating app is used to find look-alikes of celebrities or former presidents

Mike Opelka
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Those who have always dreamed of dating a president or a celebrity -- but do not have access to that sort of company -- can do the next best thing with the new dating app, Badoo. Users can have it filter results to show only people who look like their celebrity crush. They can enter Brad Pitt, Emma Watson, or even Glenn Beck and get results.

The app uses facial recognition technology to match features of regular folks to those of public figures. You can also tell it to search for regular people like your high school crush or some other inaccessible figure, such as a priest or doctor or best friend’s spouse, based on the same technology.

The number one searched male celebrity is former president Barack Obama. President Donald Trump is the tenth most searched in the United States and Britain. Kim Kardashian is the most searched female, which Mike Opelka found odd on today’s “Pure Opelka,” noting that most people attracted to the reality star are interested in other “assets.”

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