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This GOP senator says his party promised to deliver tax reform -- and this time they mean it?

Chris Salcedo
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Senator Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend that he hopes the Senate can get to spending cuts in this legislative session, noting, "We shouldn't be spending the way we're spending in this country."

He indicated he would vote for a "clean" debt ceiling increase despite not wanting to do it. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin has been urging this measure in an effort to stimulate the economy. The debt limit increase in 2011 resulted in a downgraded credit rating for the United States.

Tillis also addressed the president's tax reform plan, which was rolled out in April with Mnuchin and White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn. The senator said tax reform in his own state has "had extraordinary results." He also said it's a promise Republicans have to keep to the nation.

Chris Salcedo asked, "Oh, you mean like the promise you made on Obamacare?" on Monday's "Chris Salcedo Show." He also said, "Nobody has a mind toward fiscal sanity in Washington D.C."

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