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This professor might have the craziest pro-abortion rant yet

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On Thursday’s “Pat & Stu,” Pat Gray and Jeffy Fisher took a look at the latest crazy moment from an ultra-progressive: a professor ranting about how pro-life advocates are promoting “child pornography.”

Purdue University associate professor of biology David Sanders was captured on video essentially calling pro-life advocates child pornographers. He said that people who use images of fetuses to talk about life in the womb don’t have permission to show pictures of “naked children.”

“So he admits it’s a child,” someone in the audience pointed out in the video.

Sanders was debating Seth Drayer of pro-life advocacy group Created Equal at an April event hosted by the Boilermakers for Life student organization. In his portion of the debate, Sanders accused pro-life activists of wanting “to enforce and protect First Amendment rights to allow you to show child pornography.”

“That’s just a psychotic rant,” Pat Gray was flabbergasted. “There’s something seriously wrong with these people mentally. … First of all, you’re admitting it is a child, because it’s ‘child pornography.’ Well if you’re going to give us that, then you better stop killing these children.”

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