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This umpire made the right call and it saved a woman’s life

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Baseball fans will be compelled to say something nice about an umpire today, now that one of them has prevented a woman’s suicide. John Tumpane was back from lunch to call a Pittsburg Pirates game from the home plate when he saw something odd at the Robert Clemente bridge.

A woman who has not yet been identified was climbing over the railing of the bridge. After a brief conversation where it was clear the woman was not climbing back, Tumpane locked his arms around hers so she could not slip or jump into the river. She then told him no one wants to help her, but he stayed with her and assured her he cared and would not forget her.

He mouthed to a passerby “Call 911.” He and then two other men held the woman securely until emergency services arrived. He knelt and prayed next to her before she was taken to a hospital on an involuntary commitment warrant for those who are a danger to themselves or others.

Mike Opelka said, “Please, pay attention” and have situational awareness at all times on today’s “Pure Opelka.” None of us ever know when even a simple encouraging word might save a life.

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