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Today is 'Make Fun of Whiny Liberals Day

Buck Sexton
(Photo by Anna Omelchenko/Getty images)

On this episode of The Buck Sexton Show:

— Protests against President-Elect Donald Trump throughout the country should disgust you

— Buck asks the question "What was Hillary Clinton really going to bring to the table?"

— Vince Coglianese, Executive Editor of the Daily Caller, joins the show to discuss how Hillary Clinton taught Democrats to hate

— Sean Bigley, Federal Security Clearance Attorney, calls in to talk about the truth behind Clinton's reckless email behavior and its impact on national security

— Nuclear deterrence expert Rebeccah Heinrichs also stops by to comment on what we can expect from the Trump Administration regarding national security

The Buck Sexton Show is weekdays 12–3pm ET, only on TheBlaze Radio Network.

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