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Venezuela is now starving and on the verge of civil war -- what happened?


TheBlaze’s Brandon Morse joined Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about the horrifying situation in Venezuela, which is crumbling under its socialist policies. People are slowly starving, and basic essentials like food, medicine, and toilet paper are simply not available.

President Nicholas Marduro is seizing power by replacing the assembly, or the nation's legislature, with people who support him. Brandon and Doc Thompson gave a quick breakdown of Venezuela’s descent into communism. The country was once prosperous thanks to the world’s largest supply of oil, but too much government control has wrecked Venezuela's economy.

“It is a disaster,” Brandon said.

The country essentially has no food left; 75 percent of Venezuelans are losing dangerous amounts of weight, and women are getting themselves sterilized because they can’t risk getting pregnant and having more children to feed. People can spend a full day in line at the store and walk away without food, and there is a report that the government is rewarding troops with toilet paper.

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