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Want a bathing suit with Trump's face on it? After you see this you won't

Mike Opelka
SIphotography / Getty Images

The Trump bathing suit by online retailer Beloved Shirts is unflattering and hideous, which might be the one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree upon. Called the “Shocked” one-piece, it features a full face photo of President Donald Trump looking surprised.


Mike Opelka commented upon the unfortunate placement of the president’s facial features upon the female body on today’s “Pure Opelka.” Although a five star review by one satisfied customer is titled “MAKES MY BODY GREAT AGAIN!” Mike could not “even.”

“There’s no way in h*ll that this can be considered flattering,” he said. Trump’s expression gives him a multiple chin effect, which lands on the lower abdomen of the  bathing suit in a way that does not convey fitness or youth.

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