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What will the consequences be of a Le Pen victory in France?

Doc Thompson

The French presidential election has narrowed to a race between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. John Zmirak, senior editor at The Stream, joined “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” on Tuesday to analyze the French presidential election and warn about the threat of radical Islam.

“It’s not just about terror, but about Islam itself, because in France if things continue as they are, [Islamists] don’t even need to commit acts of terror, they can just wait,” Zmirak said. “They have such a high birth rate compared to the French. They’ll be able to vote themselves into power in a few years.”

Zmirak made the case for Le Pen, the far-right nationalist candidate, as the better option for the French people.

“Le Pen is … it’s pretty easy to say she’s the Donald Trump of France,” Zmirak described.

While Le Pen has been denounced as a fascist, Zmirak said that Muslims are the true threat for Jews in particular and for the French people as a whole. “It’s the Muslims who are harassing Jewish people and killing priests and oppressing women and imposing a pre-medieval vicious worldview and making large parts of the country ‘no-go’ zones for French citizens,” he explained.

Doc Thompson and Zmirak also touched on what the French election could mean for America as the world goes through a geopolitical shift.

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