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With days left, Obama administration creating complications for the incoming Trump administration

Buck Sexton

Buck Sexton enlightens us about President Obama's mentality to his presidency in that, "I won, the people have spoken, I'm in power — I get to do what I want." Several long standing policies that were put in place by the Obama administration are now under siege and the astonishing part is that this all comes with only days left of his presidency.

"We were told that because the people had spoken there should be a willingness to go along with Obama on all of this. Well there's not much justification, is there, for Obama taking action in the last days of his presidency that will unsettle long standing policies right before the Trump administration comes into office," Buck explains.

Although Obama has stated he will do everything in his power to provide a smooth transfer of power, these last minute changes will certainly complicate things for the incoming Trump administration.

"I've been saying this for a while and I don't know how quickly I'll be proven right but I'm quite confident we will see that the Obama administration has been doing all sorts of things with regard to immigration and the border without notifying the American people and without giving us any public hearing on it," Buck states.

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