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Yaron Brook: If you want to make America great again, here's how

Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Liberals turn people into talking points by grouping them into demographics – but our freedom is based on each person’s right as an individual, not on "group rights."

“Only individuals think. … We don’t have a collective brain,” Yaron Brook pointed out on this week’s episode of “The Yaron Brook Show.

If we want to “make America great again,” per President Donald Trump, we must “rediscover individualism,” Yaron asserted.

Collective rights for groups of people don’t exist. Instead, “you have a right as an individual to live free,” he said.

The government can step back and stop curtailing individual rights to make our country better. Yaron listed some possible ways to protect individual freedom: cutting government regulations that infringe on the individual and expanding free speech so people are allowed to say anything they want.

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