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Yaron Brook: Yes, true capitalism is ‘radical’ -- here's why it 'works everywhere\

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A caller objected to Yaron Brook’s “extremist” version of capitalism this week on “The Yaron Brook Show.”

“I’m all for capitalism, but you take it too far,” caller Moshi told Yaron. “You’re extremist.”

Yaron didn’t back down from the label, saying, “I am a radical.”

“Sellout” capitalists are the ones who back down during times of financial crisis. It’s not the government’s place to regulate the free market and decide what kinds of loans people are eligible for, Yaron asserted, explaining that he is distinct from ordinary capitalists because he truly believes in a free market.

“I believe fundamentally … in individual freedom,” he said, later adding, “Free markets work everywhere.”

His show will focus on what freedom means and why it’s important, Yaron explained.

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