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ZION News: Trump threatens Palestinian aid at Davos Summit


Trump, Netanyahu meet at Davos

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have just met face-to-face at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which is one of the world’s biggest gatherings of international leaders in business and industry.


Iran sets up shop in Lebanon

Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IISS speaking at ILTV Studio about the IDF Spokesperson that begged the Lebanese to "open their eyes".


Israel enraged over Polish Holocaust Law

A new law passed in Poland that makes it illegal to refer to Nazi Camps in Poland as murder. Jews, Netanyahu slams 'baseless' bill, saying that the Holocaust cannot be denied.


Holocaust survivor releases personal memoir

Yoseph Komem, Holocaust Survivor & Author of “Courage and Grace” speaking at ILTV Studio about his incredible story as a Holocaust survivor, and the autobiography that he has written about his experience.


Ex-Israeli diplomats urge not to deport Africans

A larger group of Israelis are joining the protest against Israel’s Controversial Plan to deport or jail nearly forty thousand Asylum Seekers from Africa that are currently living in Israel, this group includes dozens of former Israeli Diplomats that are begging Prime Minister Netanyahu to halt the deportations.


After decades, Yemenite family reunited

An incredible reunion between long lost sisters has just shed troubling new light on the alleged Yemenite Children Affair with the confirmation of D.N.A testing.


Changing the game again

Hezkiah Tsoory, CEO of Liberdi speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli company that’s is trying to reinvent dialysis system to help Renal Disease.


Ancient jawbone rewrites prehistoric era

The oldest-ever remains of Homo-Sapiens outside of Africa have just been discovered in Northern Israel, which means humans may have left the cradle of life far, far earlier than we ever thought.


Israeli collective makes new U2 music vid

U-Two, one of the biggest bands of all time, has just commissioned Israel’s most legendary street crew, 'Broken Fingaz' for a new, one-of-a-kind music video.


Jewish grandpa is unlikely super bowl star

Story of 99 year-old ‘Philadelphia Phil’ goes viral ahead of Super Bowl Lii.


Hebrew word Of The Day: GORAL | גוֹרָל = DESTINY

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Goral" which means "Destiny"


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