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Zuhdi Jasser: The Assad regime and ISIS are two sides of the same coin

Druze residents of the Ein Qiniye village in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights hold Syrian national flags prior to a rally marking Syria's Independence Day on April 17, 2018. / JALAA MAREY/AFP/Getty Images

On this week's episode, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser confronted the fallout from the latest use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.

The most recent gas attack in Douma has left the West on the brink of a major military response against the Assad regime and a major national conversation about America’s role in the world in punishing those who commit war crimes.

Listen to Zuhdi discuss controversies on Syria that you will not hear elsewhere as well as some simple solutions that no one is talking about along the lines of western action in the Balkans in the '90s.

Listen to more episodes of “Reform This!” with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on-demand at TheBlaze Contributors.

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