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Sally Kohn bashes 'corporate centrist Democrat' Joe Biden as not liberal enough to run for president


Old Joe isn't far left enough for many liberals

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Liberal CNN commentator Sally Kohn attacked the notion that Joe Biden could be the Democratic nominee in the presidential election in 2020, and called him a "corporate centrist Democrat."

Kohn was responding to a report that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said she would support the former vice president for the candidacy if he chose to run.

"I'm going to have to respectfully disagree," Kohn replied. "Look, Joe Biden has name recognition. People like him, and in fairness he's the most populist-seeming of a long legacy of centrist corporate Democrats."

"He talked tough," she continued. "He's from Scranton. He talks about that all the time. And so he sort of seemed like the most populist—bearing in mind he's from the great banking state of Delaware."

"He earned that reputation, but in fairness, the country never really should have had corporate centrist Democrats," Kohn added, "but certainly in this moment that is so tone-deaf and out of step not only with what the country needs, but with what the American people across the aisle want."

"It turns out we are a fundamentally more progressive, inclusive populist country that wants things like higher taxes on the rich, and solutions to climate change, and corporations and big business to be held accountable," she said.

Biden has not yet declared that he would run for president in 2020, but the more progressive wing of the Democratic party has already rejected him as far too centrist to fulfill their political agenda.

Here's the comment from Sally Kohn on CNN:

"We need Democratic candidates who actually, I don't know actually side with the majority of Americans, not to mention the majority of Democrats, as opposed to big business and Wall Street," Kohn concluded.

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