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The Montgomery riverboat brawl points to America's dysfunction

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

The riverfront of Montgomery, Alabama, has gone viral this week — but not because of its beauty.

Onlookers captured a violent brawl erupting in Alabama’s capital city when a couple of white men appeared to attack a black man.

At one point, the black security guard was surrounded by what appeared to be a half-dozen white people. Half of them seemed to be trying to help the security guard, while others appeared to be assaulting him.

A swarm of black onlookers then rescued the security guard and proceeded to escalate the conflict.

Jason Whitlock believes this brawl and the virality of it make allies into enemies.

“Truth is, reaction to the brawl is a sign of America’s dysfunction, unwillingness to learn from history, and inability to properly identify its true enemy,” he says.

“Race war is a racket. A scheme that benefits a handful of elites and the puppets they pay to foment racial conflict,” Whitlock adds.

While those involved in the brawl surely don’t recognize this, Whitlock says that “the combatants in Montgomery are natural allies.”

He also notes that this isn’t a rare occurrence when alcohol is involved.

“The initial conflict in Montgomery is not rare. Fights between patrons and security guards are commonplace. Men struggle bowing to authority, especially in environments rife with alcohol. Normally these conflicts do not make national news or trend over social media.”

Whitlock believes the only reason this video went viral was because of the race of the attackers and the attacked.

“The Montgomery incident would not be interesting if the security guard and his initial attackers were of the same race. It would just be men behaving badly, another piece of content for World Star Hip-Hop.”

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