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Conservative values are under attack — here's why it's time for Republicans to get 'RADICAL'

The Glenn Beck Podcast

'Conservatism is supposed to conserve the things that we care about, which are nation, family, community, and human dignity'

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We all see what’s happening: Leftists in power are making America — our economy, culture, and principles — unrecognizable. But will winning the midterms be enough to fix things?

Rachel Bovard, the senior tech columnist for the Federalist and the author of the article “The 1980s Called. They Want Their Foreign Policy Back and Republicans to Finally Wake Up," joined "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to explain why it’s time for a “new right” to embrace “radical federalism” in order to actually reverse what the left has done.

In this clip, Rachel describes what she believes this “new right” should look like and how it can fix the actual issues with our government and economy because established policymaking on the right has failed.

"Conservatism as a set of philosophies is dynamic, and it's resurgent always because it's flexible enough to meet the moment," Rachel began. "But what I have looked at in Washington is a conservative movement that's become fat and lazy and attached to dogma. They've disrespected conservatism by pushing it into the set of policy prescriptions that have become so rigid and ossified that any movement away from it is like, 'well, you're not a conservative.'

"In reality, conservatism is supposed to conserve the things that we care about, which are [the] nation, family, community, [and] human dignity. And by definition, when you attach yourself to those ideals, the policies are always going to look a little bit different because the threats are different," she added. "The moment that we are living in right now, I would say ... is the highest stakes moment for this set of ideals that I have ever seen. They are under attack in ways I've never witnessed."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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