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WATCH: America's elections are under attack — and this time the biggest threat isn't Russia

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'You are directly in the middle of this fight'

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A war has been declared on this year's presidential election.

On Wednesday's TV special, Glenn Beck exposed how the infrastructure that we rely on for a free and fair election is quietly under attack. This time, the biggest threat isn't coming from Russia, but election-rigging efforts right here at home.

"You are directly in the middle of this fight, and you might not even have realized that your thoughts are being deliberately manipulated ... this is much bigger than just undermining Donald Trump," Glenn explained.

"I'm going to show you how all of this is happening, but the big question is: Why? Our enemies abroad know they have no chance in hell of actually electing their pick for president. They can post as many Facebook ads they want, and they can try and penetrate as many election systems as their hackers expose. But their goal isn't to actually affect the outcome," he said. "Victory for nations like Russia is for you to lose faith in the system, and that's exactly what the socialists are doing right here at home."

Watch the video clip below:

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