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'He worked until the very end': Producer Bo Snerdley on the last days of RUSH LIMBAUGH

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'We didn't know that his last show was his last show'

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Rush Limbaugh was the most listened-to voice on the radio in the world, but few knew him as well as his producer and sidekick, James Golden, better known as Bo Snerdley. Bo was there with Rush from the beginning to the very end and tells the incredible saga in his new book, “Rush on the Radio: A Tribute from His Sidekick for 30 Years.”

Bo joined Glenn Beck on "Glenn TV" to recall how it all started and tell the stories Rush left untold: What happened after President Trump gave him a Presidential Medal of Freedom, what his final days were like, and who the next Rush Limbaugh might be.

"We didn't know it was going to be the last few days. We didn't. I mean, Rush's bucket list was his audience. And so every, Glenn, every single day that he could be there, that he wasn't in treatment, that he wasn't suffering from the effects of treatment, he came to work. And when the mic went on, I I'm telling you, you would not even think the man was was fighting any kind of an illness, because he had the same upbeat presentation. He was just as witty as ever, was as prepared as ever. It was only afterward, Glenn, when there were days he could barely get out of the chair after doing his show," Bo told Glenn.

"We didn't know that his last show was his last show ... he worked until the very end," Bo added.

Watch the video clip below or find the full interview with Bo Snerdley here:

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