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DEADLY Negligence: Exposing the REAL Origins & Cover-up of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Glenn TV

A Glenn TV special

Who were the people and groups involved with coronavirus research, and what really went down before and after the pandemic began? On "Glenn TV" this week, Glenn Beck heads to the chalkboard to outline a tale of negligence and then cover-up. The elites of the world — the people calling themselves experts — trusted the Chinese Communist Party with one of the most dangerous weapons we can imagine on this planet — a virus.

Glenn reveals who was involved in a definitive timeline and argues: If proof of a lab leak does come out, the world needs to know EVERYONE who was involved. We must expose the cover-up and attempt to control the narrative of the pandemic origins. Everyone from Big Tech and the media to the Chinese and even our own government have been involved. What lies behind the cover-up could reveal the dirty secret that in order to cut corners, the academic elites and government entrusted Communist China with a civilization-killing virus.

Watch the full episode below:

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