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WATCH: We'll Own NOTHING and Be Happy? The Great Reset of American Property

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The Biden administration (and the Left overall) takes none of its cues from the U.S. Constitution. One of President Biden's latest attempted power-grabs — the announcement that the U.S. will seek to waive intellectual property protections for the COVID-19 vaccines and release their secrets to the world — is truly disturbing.

Innovation and intellectual property rights are in America's DNA and have made us who we are today. But this may be only the beginning. The World Economic Forum once predicted that by 2030 under the Great Reset, "You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy."

On this week's Glenn TV special, Glenn Beck reveals how Biden's latest plans, under the guises of supporting public health and solving climate change, threaten not just your intellectual property, but your personal property as well.

Then, inventor-turned-congressman Rep. Thomas Massie details his fight to protect your property rights against what's to come.

Watch the full episode below:

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