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Cuban Spring: Debunking the Left’s Lies About SOS Cuba

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The American Left – including Big Tech – has left the Cuban people hanging out to dry.

What happened to the freedom protests in Cuba? Just a few weeks ago it seemed like Cuba was on the verge of its own Arab Spring-type moment, fueled by Cubans using social media to coordinate massive street protests. But as the communist regime pulled the plug on internet access and rounded up those it deemed troublemakers, the American Left – including Big Tech – has left the Cuban people hanging out to dry.

Tonight on "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck reveals the horrors of what Cubans are up against and why it matters to America's future. Florida Congresswoman María Salazar, a former journalist, details her interview with the late dictator Fidel Castro and pleads with President Joe Biden to bring the internet to Cuba. She also calls out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Black Lives Matter for their lies about the U.S. trade embargo.

Finally, Rosa María Payá, Cuban democracy activist and founder of Cuba Decide, gives us an insider's account of life under a dictatorship and the tragic death of her dissident father, who she believes was murdered by the Cuban government.

Watch the full "Glenn TV" episode below:

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