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CHECKLIST: Glenn Beck's point-by-point guide for hard times

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How to prepare NOW for economic collapse

Economic turmoil is coming. Inflation continues to spike at record numbers, not only here at home but in other economic powers around the world. A recession is all but guaranteed to happen. The labor market and supply chain are still rocked by the pandemic, while war rages in an area that supplies a vast amount of fossil fuels, precious metals, and food. We need to know what to look for as things begin to spiral out of control and how to prepare.

So, are we going to look to the same people who caused this problem to save us, or do we start to become self-sufficient and prepare ourselves?

This week on "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck takes to the chalkboard to share his much-requested, point-by-point guide for hard times that you can use as a checklist for your family, friends, and neighbors.

"I'm telling you, our lives are going to change," Glenn says. "It is time to truly focus on others ... it is time to sanctify your money, and your job, and to look at the world as a different place. We have to be there for one another."

Watch the video clip below to learn more or find the full episode of "Glenn TV" here:

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