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Thanks to this audience, here's how many lives The Nazarene Fund has saved so far

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"This audience made it possible for regular, everyday Americans to change the world; they all became 'Schindler's List'"

In 2015, a population of three million Christians in the Middle East were reduced to just three hundred thousand. The Islamic State took over, brutally murdering any Christian who refused to convert to its doctrine. Men, women and children were either slaughtered or forced into slavery.

"We watched the news media report on these horrors from the comfort of our couches, in our own home, in a free nation. But I knew if we, this audience, didn't do something, it's possible that no one would," said Glenn Beck of his inspiration behind The Nazarene Fund.

In December 2015, the goal became a reality when The Nazarene Fund conducted its first operation — moving 149 Christian refugees safely from Iraq to Slovakia. Since then, the Nazarene Fund along with Operation Underground Railroad, has achieved so much more for persecuted people in some of the most dangerous places.

Last year, Mercury One and this audience helped relocate over 15,000 persecuted Christians from all over the world.

In this year's "Nazarene Fund Anniversary Special," Glenn sat down with the Nazarene Fund's first executive director, Johnny Moore, Mercury One's executive director, Suzanne Grishman, and CEO of the Nazarene Fund, Tim Ballard, to look back on what the generosity of this audience has accomplished.

"Your generous donations have changed the lives, and saved the lives, of thousands of people all around the world," Glenn said.

"This is a point I think your audience needs to hear," Tim said. "I've just been in awe, because we've all seen the movie 'Schindler's List' and we're so inspired by what Oscar Schindler did. Not to take away at all from that, but this is quadruple that — and then some."

Suzanne noted two very memorable people whose incredible generosity inspired so many people to give.

"It touched my heart so much I literally began to cry," she said.

Johnny added, "This organization [and] this audience made it possible for regular, everyday Americans to change the world — they all became 'Schindler's List'."

Watch the video clip above to hear more.

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