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WATCH: Afghan girl's POWERFUL message to US troops brings Glenn Beck to tears

Glenn TV

'Because of you, we are here'

Thanks to the horrific way the United States left Afghanistan, thousands of U.S. troops feel their sacrifice was a waste. But would those men and women be suffering so much now if they heard this message a little more often? Glenn Beck sits down with two Afghan sisters — Asma, who bravely took on the Taliban face to face, and Azada, who helped her sister escape to America. And they have a message that every man and woman in uniform (and their families) need to hear: "It was not a waste. Those 20 years brought us freedom, democracy, opportunities, educations. ... I am grateful for all of those who served in my country. Because of you, we are here."

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of "Glenn TV" here:

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