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WATCH: The REAL Villain of the Rittenhouse Story: Glenn & Kyle One on One

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Who was Kyle Rittenhouse before August 25, 2020? Who is he now?

On "GlennTV" Wednesday, Glenn Beck reminds us where America was in the summer of 2020. It was mayhem: street riots, looting, destruction, “police-free” zones, and even several murders. But amid this outbreak of lawlessness, the media and politicians seemed to allow, condone, and endorse it, repeating the lie that it was caused by “peaceful protesters.” But we all knew the truth: The rule of law was dead in America. So, where were the cops or the national guard?

Enter 17-year-old citizen Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two men in the burning town of Kenosha. Though he was acquitted of all murder charges, the media has still smeared Kyle as a terrorist, white supremacist, and vigilante who got away with murder. But others hold him as an American hero. So, which is he: hero or villain? Glenn says he’s neither and sits down with the kid whose entire life changed in one night.

Glenn removes the politics and pursues honest questions about justice. Who was Kyle Rittenhouse before August 25, 2020? Who is he now? Kyle tells Glenn about the nightmares that keep him awake, the billionaire and only person so far who has apologized to Kyle for the smears, the truth about his enrollment at Arizona State University, his career ambition turnaround from firefighter EMT to lawyer, the first person he will sue for defamation, and his message to President Biden.

Finally, Glenn asks Kyle: “Will you ever pick up a gun again?”

Watch the full interview below:

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