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Mark Levin: Is Biden planning to DUMP Kamala Harris?


'It's pretty obvious Kamala Harris is in way over her head'

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Kamala Harris may be one of President Joe Biden's greatest blunders. As vice president, Harris has botched every assignment given to her and, as Biden's approval ratings crater, turmoil and finger-pointing are breaking out in the White House.

On "LevinTV," Mark Levin asked the question: Is the White House seeking to make Harris their political scapegoat? Harris and her inner-circle are complaining that she is being sent on failure-bound missions and to doomed battles. But, as Mark points out, the potential president of the United States should be able to handle these situations.

"It's pretty obvious Kamala Harris is in way over her head. It was obvious before she became the VP nominee of the Democrat Party. Even the Democrats realized that," Levin said.

"The knives are out now," he added. "And I think they're out, not only because [Harris] is a disaster, but because Biden and his insular circle are looking for excuses. They're looking for somebody to condemn for Biden's disaster."

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