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Biden’s tone-deafness reverberates as Hawaiians search for survivors

Biden’s tone-deafness reverberates as Hawaiians search for survivors

As stories featuring heroes who risked their own lives to save friends, family, and strangers from the fate of the flames in Maui continue to flood the media, President Biden continues to reflect an inability to grasp — or at least be sympathetic to — what has happened.

Biden claimed, while wearing a lei, that he and Jill have a “little sense” of “what it's like to lose a home,” as their home was once struck by lightning. He also loudly complained that the ground was hot while visiting the ashes of a once-beautiful city.

Mark Levin, who despises the president’s reaction to the wildfires, sheds light on the stories of devastation and hope that Biden has confirmed he is incapable of understanding.

One story features a young man, Benny Reinicke, who carried Sincerity Mirkovich, a total stranger, for miles in order to get Mirkovich and her daughter, Lani Williams, to safety.

The mother-daughter duo had jumped in their car to escape as wildfires began to ravage the town they have lived in for most of their lives. As they sat in standstill traffic, the two found that embers were already falling down on them.

"Then we see another fire on the side of us, a whole house. We're in the car and a whole tree is on fire, and I was like, 'Oh my God, we're going to die,’” Williams told "Good Morning America."

The two decided the best course of action was to seek shelter in the water. However, their escape route proved too difficult, as Mirkovich uses a walker for assistance.

That’s when Benny Reinicke came in.

The man saw the women struggling and told Mirkovich to lean on his back so he could carry her over the seawall and into the water.

Reinicke got them to safety and then stayed with them for over eight hours until the fires subsided.

The trio had not seen each other since the rescue, but they were brought together for a heartwarming reunion on "Good Morning America."

Levin is convinced that it was the Biden-led government that let people like Mirkovich and Williams down — and the government still refuses to acknowledge that obvious fact.

“You can’t prevent every fire and you can’t prevent these high winds in the middle of the Pacific, but to keep blaming climate change for something that obviously had nothing to do with climate change,” Levin comments.

“Then I have this fraud of a president, dementia, no dementia, who has to be told he needs to get there and he has to break off from his second vacation [in] Lake Tahoe, where he constantly is mooching off billionaires and foreign governments and so forth and so on,” he adds.

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