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Counting down LevinTV's top ten videos of 2021

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As we gear up for 2022, LevinTV counts down the top ten videos of 2021.


Let's start with #10. Remember when Joe Biden launched a commission to examine "Supreme Court Reform"? We do. Revisit Mark's recounting of the history of the nine-judge system as it stands today and how Biden may seek to damage the republic with his court-packing.


This is #9: “Milley Gets Blackburned.” Rewatch how General Mark Milley squirmed under the intense questioning from senators over the withdrawal from Afghanistan — especially from powerhouse Marsha Blackburn.


Here is #8: How badly did Joe Biden bungle our exit from Afghanistan, abandoning Americans and allies alike? According to Mark, enough to anger Jake Tapper.


Coming in at #7 is "The Secret Texts." New encrypted texts revealed his hypocrisy after Joe Biden preached that he would "leave no American behind."


Joe Biden is in trouble again in #6: Mark Levins believes Joe Biden's reproachable "leadership" left our men vulnerable, our allies distrustful, and our country ashamed. Mark questions what could be more shameful than a leader who disrespects our fallen soldiers?!


MSNBC’s coverage made the #5 LevinTV video from 2021. The far-Left praised Biden when his moral compass, to some, appeared broken. Watch as U.S. Army veteran Matt Zeller schools them on decorum and leadership.


"Obama Palooza" made the #4 video from 2021. In this video, Mark believes that with the Omicron variant emerging, it's important to remember when Barack Obama ignored the dangers of the Delta variant to throw a flashy, maskless, three-day birthday extravaganza like the affluent aristocracy he is.


Coming in at #3 is “Medical Fascism.” Levin discussed events that took place in July when the CDC threatened to mandate masks for vaccinated people while millions of illegal immigrants stream across our southern border — many of them unvaccinated. Mark asked the right question: If illegal immigrants get a free health pass into our nation, why were Americans treated like medical prisoners?


“Jim Crow Joe” is #2. Mark explained why Joe Biden is the "liar in chief."


The #1 LevinTV video: "Chaos in Kabul" saw the military disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the cowardly leadership known as the Biden presidency. Our "commander in blame" stood by his decision while Kabul imploded under the Taliban invasion. See Mark fire away at Biden's foreign policies that still threaten to set fire to America's reputation and security on the world stage.

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