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Mark Levin: Biden's new IRS plan isn't about billionaires, it's about creating a 'new surveillance state'


'They want you to think it's about the top one percent ripping us off ... the biggest entity ripping us off is called the federal government'

The Internal Revenue Service already has a deep footprint in the lives of Americans. Now, the federal government's prying eyes are looking for more ways to extract money. Under the guise of making billionaires pay their fair share, the Biden administration wants to give the IRS new, unprecedented powers to snoop on savings, checking, mortgage, and bank loans.

On the latest episode of "Levin TV," BlazeTV host Mark Levin explained why he believes the IRS's real target is the average middle class American. This isn't about billionaires, Mark argued, it's about creating a "new surveillance state."

Mark called the administration's new IRS plan "repulsive" and "unacceptable," adding that "nobody trusts the IRS — and for good damn reason."

Noting that Biden's spending bill includes $80 billion for the IRS to hire thousands of new staffers, Mark asked, "Do you think they need tens of thousands of new auditors to audit billionaires?"

"It's the vast middle class that they're focused on. You. Just look at the constant Marxism in the class warfare. They want to have a surveillance state that can go into your checking account and your savings account, but they want you to think it's about the top one percent ripping us off," he continued. "The biggest entity ripping us off is called the federal government. The biggest entity stealing money from us is the federal government. The biggest entity blowing money left and right, the money they take from you, is the federal government. It's not the top 1%."

Mark went on to play a video clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claiming that the proposed revenue plan targets only the "highest income individuals" who "evade tax obligations," adding that "it's about big banks deciding to protect the wealthiest Americans."

"Big banks protecting the wealthiest Americans?" Mark asked. "This is so sick. This Marxist claptrap. Big banks aren't protecting anybody. Banks are the most regulated industry on the face of the earth," he added.

"I think they're going to impose this on us. You'll see, and I wish I were wrong. This is aimed at you. This has nothing to do with billionaires. If they want to audit billionaires, they know how to do that. There's a thousand trigger mechanisms in the internal revenue code. This is to monitor you, the average middle class American," Mark said.

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