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'We are NAKED in the face of this threat': Mark Levin warns US vulnerable to deadly EMP attack


'The U.S. is at a pivotal moment if it wants to avoid a potential doomsday scenario'

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There’s a scary reality we have to face: If China launches an electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S., 90% of Americans could be dead in less than a year, warned BlazeTV host Mark Levin.

""The electromagnetic threats to this country ... they're getting worse and worse and worse and our government's doing very little about it, " Levin said on the most recent episode of "LevinTV."

Mark played a WION news clip with what he called "a real reporter" talking about adversaries to the United States making our electrical grid vulnerable to China, North Korea, or Russia.

"A panel of experts at the Universal Peace Federation has now issued a warning on the growing threat of EMP or electromagnetic pulse weapons," the reporter stated. "Such an attack could knock out virtually all communications and other critical services of countries in a matter of minutes. For long, experts have warned that key electrical infrastructure in the United States remains particularly vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse attack or EMP likely to be orchestrated by China, North Korea, or even Russia. The Universal Peace Federation specialists have now said that the U.S. is at a pivotal moment if it wants to avoid a potential doomsday scenario."

"Imagine every single thing that operates from electricity or battery power, dead," Levin responded. "You can't communicate with anybody. You can't use any of the the items you have in your home. Communication is dead. Your cars don't work. You can't get gasoline at a pump because the pumps don't work. Trucks can't move. Food can't be produced because of tractors and so forth. Think of your sewage system. Your sewage system is a cleaning system that most towns have and, again, works off electricity. You will not have clean water. You will not have food. You will not have anything. You won't be able to get a hold of your bank or your bank accounts ... imagine what would happen to this society, the number of deaths, the kind of lawlessness you'd have," he added.

"We are naked in the face of this threat," Levin warned. "And even though I've been tooting the horn about this for some time, it's time to bring out the loudest horn I can find."

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